King of Clubs started in the summer of 2017 in Williamsburg, founded by Lance, a William and Mary alumnus and Marine Corps Veteran; and Cesar, a William and Mary MBA student and Peace Corps Volunteer, under the name Mandela Coffee, with a social mission to give back to water projects in Africa. It started out by one simple premise- providing freshly roasted coffee with a humanitarian cause.

One year later, Cesar returned to California, and Lance continued with the business. Lance changed the name of the company to King of Clubs, switched focus to selling locally, and expanded the product line to include cold brew coffee, nitro coffee, bottling, and single serve coffee. King of Clubs is the first producer of cold brew and nitro coffee in Williamsburg. In the summer of 2018, the company added accounts, gathered a following at local farmers markets, and laid the groundwork to opening its first retail location.

Kombucha and Jun, beverages Lance first made in his kitchen, were added to the lineup in early 2019. King of Clubs received its brewery license in May 2019, and plans to begin producing sour bourbon barrel aged beers made with kombucha and jun, with a 4-5 percent alcohol content in July/August.


Freshly Roasted Coffee From Around The World
Delivered to Your Door, or In The Store

Drink your coffee like a King, and join the King of Clubs Coffee Subscription Club. It’s the only way to conveniently try a variety of creative roasts and coffee from around the world. Keep your home or office supplied with bourbon barrel aged coffee, wine barrel aged coffee, Colombian, Guatemalan, Mexican, Burundi, Ethiopian, Brazilian, and other special blends and roasts. We will deliver in either whole bean or ground.

Once every quarter, get three 12oz bags of different select roast or blend. You can either pick it up in store, or have it delivered to your door. Dates are August 1, Nov 1, Feb 1, and May 1. Your card will not be charged until the subscription date.

Delicious And Creative Coffee Roasts And Blends Delivered To Your Door

Know what you want, and want it on the regular? Sign up for a coffee subscription for any amount of bagged or single serve coffee, available for pickup or delivery.


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We do our best to be a responsible business, using sustainable, responsible, and environmentally friendly practices both in our store, and in our production.

•Fair Trade Certified Coffee Beans

•Our Keurig Pods, Which Are Traditionally Harmful To The Environment, Are Recyclable

•Retail Locations Use Paper Straws, Recyclable Cups, And Other Recyclables, With A Recycle Bin In Each Location

•We Employ Used Coffee Grounds In Our Face Scrub, Coffee Soap, And Other Projects




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