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We’ve all heard that everyone can make a difference.  We’ve heard that it will take everyone to combat climate change, that every little action counts.  At the same time, it can be hard to reconcile the idea that turning off the tap while brushing your teeth will amount to something significant.  Most people are aware to some extent that they have an ecological footprint.  But many are unaware of just how large their individual footprint is.  A study by a group of Belgian professors found that while people may try to do certain things sustainably, like buying recycled paper, they still underestimate their overall impact.  They fail to account for how much energy they use through other actions, like transportation and heating.  Buying ecologically friendly products is the first step.  Lowering the amount of energy and resources you use in your daily routine is the next.  Fully committing to living a sustainable lifestyle means building different connections to your community and others.  It means finding a way to give back.

Mandela’s Mission

Mandela Coffee was founded by two people who wanted to build a connection.  They’ve built a bridge between global coffee lovers and communities in need, allowing one to give to the other.  They understand that even little things, like buying coffee, can make a difference.  They understand that every small gesture, every cup, has an impact.

The choice of supporting water sustainability initiatives was an easy one.  Water scarcity is a crisis for humanity, with about 780 million people worldwide lacking access to fresh drinking water.  As we learn more about how our climate is changing, we learn even more about new threats to drinking water.

Climate change is bringing about glacial retreat.  As glaciers melt, they threaten the millions who rely on their meltwater for hydroelectricity, farming, and drinking.  Asian glaciers alone are expected to shrink at least a third by 2100.  Glacial retreat isn’t the only threat to future drinking water sources- many other sources are also threatened by pollution and unsustainable practices.  The fresh water crisis will become more and more widespread in the future.  It’s time to start taking steps now- like Mandela’s donations to Water Charity- to help give water to those in need.

Words, Writing, and Why I Drink Mandela

Blogging is about loving words.  Words scroll across a page like spiders across a snowy landscape- not in uniform lines, but rather in meandering trails that follow the wanderings of their author.  They imprint themselves in our minds, making a static image into one that can breathe and be alive in the homes of our imagination.  They make the ordinary seem extraordinary.  It takes effort to gain the friendship of words.  To know how to best hold them, to understand their every echoing exhalation, to carry them out into the light of remembrance.  Once with you, they never leave you.  They’ll wait for your wandering mind to traverse alongside their path again, never touching it the same way twice.  It takes an effort to get to know words.  But they’ll never begrudge you for it.

I don’t always find the time to absorb words the way I want to.  I don’t always find the time to pause and really look at them, to really try to let their ink seep into my memory and trickle down into my dreams.  But when I do find that time, it’s refreshing.  A chapter or two from a good book are as refreshing for the mind as a perfectly cut slice of watermelon is for the tongue in July.

Where I find that time to immerse myself in the written is in the mornings.  What better time to breathe in pages than with the first breaths of consciousness?  I love words.  I love flowing across worlds with them.  I love being lifted with the start of each day.

Mornings are designed for us to spend time with what we love.  We use the sickle of the sun to carve out time for the people we love, the sensations we love, and the ideas that we love.  It is a time to start fresh with what is important.  For me, that means starting a new story.  It means immersing myself in the mind of a new writer.  It means taking some selfish moments for myself, to enjoy the things that bring unconscious smiles.

It also means following my own little routine.  Pulling a brush through my hair, debating the merits of socks on cold but slippery floors, and looking for the nearest mug of coffee to plop down next to my book.  My morning routine is one that I have designed for myself.  But that does not mean that it has to end with only my happiness.  How I use that routine has an impact that ripples out to others.  I can choose to start the day mindfully.  I can choose to forgo electric lights for the more tentative trickles of the sun, I can choose to read pieces that expand my mind instead of echoing what was already there, and I can choose to care about our planet.  I can choose to have the little things, starting with my morning coffee, make a difference to other people.  That is why I chose Mandela.  I know that every cup of coffee that I purchase from this company brings fresh water to people in need of it.  And it is why it makes me happy to be able to wrap my own love of words into a cause that I believe in.

Books are to coffee like chocolate is to peanut butter.  For many, they belong together.  I know I’m not the only caffeine-loving bibliophile.  I don’t pretend to be.  I know that even the t-shirt that I’m wearing, one that says, “Read Books, Drink Coffee, Pet Cats,” is one that belongs to many others.  But that doesn’t make it any less suited for me.  Nor does it mean that my voice, as an individual, is any less valid.  And every individual can make a difference.


How do you bring mindfulness into your day?  How do you choose to make a difference, or why do you choose to drink Mandela Coffee?  Share your thoughts with us at contact@mandelacoffee.com

Happy Brewing!

-The Mandela Coffee Team


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