Café Americano

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Known as the world’s most popular coffee drink, Café Americano can trace its origins back to the 2nd World War where American G.I.’s developed the habit of diluting the strength of Italian Espresso by adding water.



Precisely measure the amount of water: 1 tablespoon (10.6 grams) of Mandela coffee for one cup (6 fluid ounces) of water

Grind your coffee beans if they are not already ground

Want stronger coffee? Add more coffee per cup as desired

Immediately remove the filter with the coffee waste after the brew process is completed to avoid altering the flavor of your masterpiece

Pour the coffee into a clean cup and allow it to cool down before drinking. Remember, do not overheat or leave coffee in the coffee maker for more than 30 minutes

Save your coffee by not making more than you will consume, a lot of work goes into each coffee bean 😊

You can only get quality coffee results from quality beans, so drink Mandela and make your coffee count.



Use premium quality medium roast Mandela coffee

Water (preferably filtered)

Make sure your coffee maker is clean and fully functional


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