Café Cubano, Cuba

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Traditional Café Cubano is an espresso shot that is sweetened with natural brown sugar. The drink originated when Italian espresso machines were first imported to Cuba. While many recipe variations exist today, Café Cubano remains a vibrant aspect of Cuban culture and is enjoyed during breakfast, at mid-afternoon, and for dessert or late-night fare. Experience Café Cubano in the comfort of your own home using Mandela Coffee’s recipe!

You will need:

Moka Pot

Small mixing bowl

Small whisk or spatula


Ground Mandela Coffee


2 teaspoons sugar


  • First, brew your Mandela Coffee using a Moka Pot. If you’ve never used a Moka Pot before, we’ll get you started! (Please make sure, however, to read your Moka Pot instruction manual before using – and never leave your pot on the oven unattended.)
  • Fill the pot with water. Place ground coffee in the filter basket. Level off the coffee using a spoon or your finger – do not press the coffee down into the basket!
  • Fit the basket into the pot, and tightly seal the lid of the pot.
  • Place pot directly on burner, low to medium heat.
  • Place 2 teaspoons of sugar into a separate mixing bowl.
  • When the coffee begins to brew, let it drip onto a teaspoon. Drip the teaspoon onto the sugar.
  • Whisk the mixture thoroughly until a light foam develops (this may take a couple of minutes!)
  • Stir in the remaining brewed coffee from the Moka Pot. The foam should naturally rise.
  • Pour into a small coffee mug or espresso cup. Enjoy!


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