Coffee and the New Year

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There’s no better way to start off the new year than by making some new year’s resolutions.  Usually, this means making new habits.  But why should we cast off any of the old ones?  Here at Mandela, we want to continue some of the traditions we’ve started this past year, while making some new ones, too.  So sit back, pour some Mandela coffee, and let’s think about how to kick off the new year.

Making a Difference

Mandela Coffee was founded with a mission in mind.  We want to bring people some of the best quality coffee in the world while making a difference.  What better way to do so than by supporting sustainable water development? 

One in every four cities in the world is “water stressed.”  Concerns about water sustainability are only growing with the growing global population.  More and more cities and countries are being threatened by water scarcity.  That’s why Mandela Coffee donates 10% of its profits to Water Charity.  Every 8 oz bag of our coffee sold means that one person receives safe, clean drinking water for the day.  We were proud to sell a lot of coffee and help a lot of people in 2017!  Next year, we hope to help even more.

Building a Community

We know that our Mandela Coffee drinkers share more than just a passion for fine coffee.  They also share a vision of how they want to see the world, a world with more sustainable and fair-trade practices.  Our coffee drinkers look to make a difference, starting with their first cup of coffee in the morning.

It is true that coffee tastes better with friends.  Every gift of coffee is more than just a bag of roasted beans- it’s also a gift of community.  It’s an invitation to spend time with others, to take time to talk about the world over a steadily steaming mug.  Or it’s an invitation to just pause for a moment, to breath in some fresh steam in between reading morning headlines.  Mandela Coffee is also a gift that contributes to a community of coffee growers dedicated to sustainable practices.  It is a gift that helps bring water to communities in need.

We’ve loved our feedback that we’ve received this past year.  We’ve loved the photos submitted to our Instagram account, the comments in our taste test video, and the knowledge that all of your Mandela Coffee gifts are gifts that keep on giving.  Next year, we hope to be able to give even more!

A New Wave of Coffee

Coffee is becoming more and more social.  As coffee popularity continues to grow, lines between café quality and home-brewed blends are blurring.  Social media lets us coffee roasters share our favorite recipes with you, like our recipe for Coffee Frangelico.  More and more brands of coffee, of specialty cafes, and of coffee vendors mean more and more choice in your morning coffee.  You can choose to have your coffee support a cause, like sustainability or fair trade (or both!).  That’s why we’re honored that you’ve chosen to make Mandela coffee a part of your routine. 

The way people are drinking coffee is changing too.  People are switching from drip coffee makers to single serving machines, like Keurigs.  These machines can generate more waste, which is why our single serving pods are made of biodegradable materials.  And there’s been a greater focus on water in the coffee making process.  Water and coffee- the two always go together!  After all, coffee is 98% water. Water can affect the taste of your coffee and can have an impact on your coffee making equipment.

  • Hard vs. soft water: Hard water contains a higher concentration of minerals than soft water.  This means hard water can give your coffee a more bitter taste, while soft water should have little impact on the flavor.
  • Water temperature: Water at too low of a temperature may fail to bring out the full flavor of your coffee, while water at a burning temperature may dull the taste.  Ideally, the water temperature should be about 195-205 degrees.  Overly hot temperatures could also damage your coffee brewing equipment over time.

Ways of sharing the coffee experience are changing, as well as ways of tweaking the coffee preparation process.  Next year, we are excited to change alongside these coffee trends.

Mandela Coffee and the New Year

We are excited for 2018- excited to find new ways to share coffee, new ways to build our community, and new ways to make a difference!  We hope that you are excited for the New Year and making some resolutions, too.  Want to share your resolutions?  Have any ideas for 2018 that you want to share with us?  Let us know at

Happy New Year and Happy Brewing!

-The Mandela Coffee Team


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