Senegal and the 3 Million Without Water

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Fast facts:

Currently, an estimated 3,371,397 Senegalese do not have reliable access to safe, clean drinking water.

An estimated 8,412,440 Senegalese do not have access to adequate sanitation facilities.

Senegal is a West African republic bordering the North Atlantic Ocean. While a union between Senegal and the Gambia in 1982 formed Senegambia, both countries have retained relatively independent identities. The official language is French, and Senegal still maintains many aspects of its French colonial heritage. Senegal is home to around 16,054,275 inhabitants, 46.7% of which live below the poverty line. The country’s population is predominantly youthful, but job prospects for this age group are sparse due to high unemployment and a 40% illiteracy rate.  



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