Frozen Mocha in 3 Easy Steps

Posted by Correct And Collaborator on

Have you ever had a Frozen Mocha? Well, it's time you have one!

Now grab that bag of freshly roasted Mandela Coffee and let's get started.

See the ingredients you'll need below.


-2 ounces of ground premium grade Mandela coffee

-2 ounces of milk

-Powdered chocolate

-2 ounces of condensed milk

-1 ounce of chocolate sauce

-Sweetener of your choice (add as desired)

-Whipped Cream

-16 ounces of ice


1. Place ingredients in blender

2. Blend for 3 minutes until you get a blended mixture, no ice chunks

3. Decorate with whipped cream and powdered chocolate

4. Enjoy!


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