King of Clubs offers two event spaces, one at our cocktail lounge, and the other at the bourbon barrel brewery and coffee roastery. Each location offers its own vibe, from a chill relaxing lounge environment to an industrial production facility offering tours and a more immersive experience for guests. Please see the offerings and packages of each location below.
Below you’ll find a snapshot of the event spaces, along with additional information on our venues. Standard rental is for three hours of use, and can be extended outside our normal operating hours. We can also tailor your event with tours, flights, tastings, and coffee roasting introductions to add a fun interactive element to your event!
Rental Pricing: Guests renting the space must open a minimum bar tab of $250 and a minimum 18 percent gratuity, depending on the location and date. This minimum (a $295 total) must be charged to one card, with no individual tabs. Once this minimum is met, you may ask your guests to open their own tabs. You may purchase growlers, six-packs or merchandise if needed to meet the minimum. Party will be asked to pay ½ down of the tab 2 weeks before the party to hold the reservation.
Non-profits may use the space for free on Mondays and Tuesdays, with a 25 person minimum.

Rental periods are in three hour increments. Please contact the site manager at


Our Events



Monday- Co-worker Social Hour
20% off beverages for employees of the outlets 4PM-9PM
Tuesday- Trivia Night!!
Wednesday- Wine About It
2 glasses of wine and a charcuterie board, $20 All Day
Thursday- Date Night!
2 cocktail flights, a charcuterie board and 2 chocolate truffles $35 4PM-9PM
Friday- $1 Coffee Mornings
Start your Friday off Right! 9am-11am
Sunday – Game Night!
$6 Crepes, 50% off glass of wine

Our Games

Conspiracy Theory
Murder Mystery
Cards Against Humanity
What Do You Meme?
One Night Warewolf
Pass The Popcorn
Settlers of Cattan
Spy Alley
Trivial Pursuit
Unstable Unicorns
Cover your A$$ets
Mafia: The Party Game, Deluxe Edition
Secret Hitler
Redneck Life
Monopoly: Here and Now
Original 1920s Monopoly
Harry Potter: Hogwarts Battle
Ticket To Ride


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