King of Clubs Cold Brew Coffee (16oz)

King of Clubs Cold Brew Coffee is made from freshly roasted Colombian dark roast coffee, using only 100% organic ingredients. We don’t add sugar or sweeteners-just coffee!

Each batch of our cold brew is made in Williamsburg VA, from freshly roasted Colombian dark roast coffee steeped under refrigeration, filtered, bottled, and delivered to you so you can enjoy cold brew coffee how it should be- 100% natural, fresh, local, and delicious.

What is Cold Brew Coffee?
Cold Brew is a method that never heats ground beans, but rather steeps it in water for an extended period of time, allowing the water to absorb the more than 850 flavor and aromatic compounds of the bean. The result is a product that is refreshing, less acidic, stronger, and sweeter than traditional coffee brewed in with hot water.

Please note, this product is for pickup only, and must remain refrigerated at 37 degrees. Products should be consumed within two weeks. Please contact us for delivery requests of orders of 6 or more bottles.

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