CBD Infused Coffee - Whole Bean



This 12oz bag of fresh medium roasted Colombian coffee is packed with 330mg of CBD. That’s a solid dose for each cup of coffee. We’ve developed a special process in-house to infuse CBD into the coffee bean in a way that does not impart a hemp flavor into the finished coffee. You’ll get a great cup of joe that will calm you down while energizing you! If you’ve never had CBD infused before, you’ll want to try it.



Hi, my name is Carla From Pa. I was at your place in Williamsburg. I
bought a bag of infused CBD coffee.  brought it home and been having
one cup a day for the past week and a half. I noticed I don’t fly off the handle as easily as I use to. Pains in my knees,
hips and other joints have eased a bit. I am not saying it’s a
miracle cure, but drinking a cup a day helps with some of my pains.
– Carla

We do our best to be a responsible business, using sustainable, responsible, and environmentally friendly practices both in our store, and in our production.

•Fair Trade Certified Coffee Beans

•Our Keurig Pods, Which Are Traditionally Harmful To The Environment, Are Recyclable

•Retail Locations Use Paper Straws, Recyclable Cups, And Other Recyclables, With A Recycle Bin In Each Location

•We Employ Used Coffee Grounds In Our Face Scrub, Coffee Soap, And Other Projects