COLOMBIAN - Fair Trade - Asoprokia Co-Op

These Fair Trade, Organic Colombian beans from the farmers of the Asoprokia Co-op are full-bodied and vibrant. The distinctive bean boasts brown sugar, vanilla, sweet pear, and dark chocolate flavor profiles; it carries a uniquely crisp signature complete with a clean finish. While complex, the blend remains well-balanced and appeals to a wide audience – we love every accent in this blend from the front end to the aftertaste, and we are confident that you will as well!

In 2008, the Asociacion de Productores Agro Ecologicos de la Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta (Asoprokia) Co-op was established to unite dedicated local coffee producers in the Cesar Department. The Co-op developed a strategic marketing plan that has consolidated and strengthened the region’s coffee industry, resulting in new economic opportunities.


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